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Frequently Asked Questions

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Teknokent Başvuru

How can I apply to technopolis?

How long can we stay in the technopolis?
The condition of being able to continue as an active company in the region is to have an R& D or Design project. Dec.
After the completion of your ongoing R&D or Design project in the region, you have 3 months to submit a new project. Dec.
Oct Dec. If you do not submit a new R&D or Design Project at the end of the additional period given to you, the exemptions that you have benefited from the region in the first place will not be signed. 
After that, your export from the region will be carried out by unilaterally terminating your contract.

Who can apply to Teknokent?
Entrepreneurs / companies operating in all fields that carry out or want to carry out R&D / Software/ Design projects within the scope of the Technology Development Zones Law No. 4691 and the Research, Development and Design Activities Support Law No. 5746 can apply to Teknok Decent.

Proje Başvuru

Do I have to be a company to apply for the project?
You can get involved in the region as an entrepreneur in 2 different ways;
1. You can establish your company after the acceptance of the project application you have made to the region,
2. In the previous process, you can move the headquarters or branch of your company established outside to the region.

Are project applications paid?
You can make a project application to Teknokent in 2 ways.
1. Supported Project: With an R&D or Design project supported by the institution (Tubitak, Kosgeb, EU.Dec... etc.))
2. Decontaminated Project: With an R&D or Design project where the project costs are covered by the entrepreneur

In both project applications, you must pay into Trabzon Teknokent's project account based on the current project application fees.

Hibe Destek Programları

What advantages can I take advantage of technopolis?
The exemptions and supports offered by the Technology Development Zones to entrepreneurs in 2023 are as follows;

Income and Corporate Tax Exemption
VAT Exemption
VAT Exemption for the Purchase of Machinery and Equipment 
R&D and Support Personnel Income Tax Exemption Dec. 
Insurance Premium Support
Customs Duty Exemption 
Extraterritorial Work Permit
Technological Product Investment Permit Support
Special Support Applications Provided to TUBITAK Projects
Basic Sciences Support
Industrialist Pairings
Investor Meetings / Access to Angel Investor Networks
Low-Cost Workspaces
FSMH (Patent) Services
Entrepreneurship Services
Training-Seminar Services
Sharing of Experience
Introduction of Support Programs
Cooperation with Technopolis Companies

Trabzon Technology Development Region Manager A.Sh 
University Quarter Hospital Street No: 19/B 61081 
Ortahisar / Trabzon

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