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Social Facilities

Social Facilities

01. Conference Room

Your company has a modern conference room for organizing your important meetings and events. This spacious and well-equipped hall responds to the needs of the business world while encouraging cooperation and information sharing.

Location: Ground Floor - 2204

Capacity: 100 seats

Image projection: Projection device / Curtain

Internet: Wireless Wi-Fi

Sound system: Available

Microphone system: 1 handheld and 2 lapel radio microphone

Social Facilities


Social Facilities

03. Dining Hall Service

Trabzon Teknokent modern dining hall offers a variety of delicacies to our company's staff to meet their daily needs. We offer a menu full of delicious dishes, fresh ingredients and healthy options. You can check out the predetermined weekly menu option on our website. By paying with an electronic system, you can evaluate home-cooked and high-quality food options.

Dining Hall Capacity : 40
Social Facilities

04. Car park

We offer a large parking area so that employees do not have any difficulties finding a parking space when coming to work. A safe and comfortable parking lot makes starting and leaving work more smoothly. The capacity of our parking lot, which also serves our guests who come for a job interview, is sufficient. Trabzon Teknokent employees' access to the campus is provided by an automatic door system. The vehicle license plate of the personnel is defined in the system and the entrances and exits are recorded.
Capacity: 500 vehicles
Social Facilities

05. Transportation to Teknokent

If you want to provide transportation with Dolmus; you can use the Faculty of Medicine - Doğu Karadeniz Yurdu line. You can reach this even from under the Square bridge and from the rubble position.

If you want to provide transportation by bus, you can use the following lines. Since the bus hours may vary, you can find out the current times via the link.

131- The Legal District

114- Besirli Medicine

115- Besirli Fatih Medical

117- Beach Platform Kiosk Medical

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