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Authorized Person : Samet AKYÜZ
Email : info@karadeniztekniktest.com
Phone : 0850 850 5886
Address : Trabzon Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Yönetici A.Ş Üniversite Mahallesi Hastane Caddesi No: 19/B 61081 Ortahisar / Trabzon

Our company, as of June 01, 2018, Trabzon Technology Development A.Sh. (Trabzon Teknok Decent) has started R&D and testing/analysis activities with a qualified project titled “Development of Worker Tracking, Location and Control Systems Integrated into Occupational Safety Shoes with the Help of Wearable Technologies and Shoe Testing Center” titled “Electrical-Electronic Software”. In addition to an R&D approach such as designing the production of smart occupational safety footwear and implementing the project, tests / analyses within the scope of the TS EN ISO 20344 standard for sectoral products are carried out in laboratories located within our company under the identity of the Test Center Dec.

By fulfilling the requirements of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 “General Requirements for the Competence of Experimental and Calibration Laboratories” standard, it was entitled to receive its first accreditation by TÜRKAK in 2022.

In our company, tests and analyses are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards for everyday shoes, leather, textile, protective equipment and polymer-based materials, as well as occupational safety footwear. Today, it serves as the most extensive laboratory in this field.

In accordance with its customer satisfaction, continuous development and improvement-oriented vision, it continues its scope expansion studies and aims to serve our country with more accredited methods as soon as possible.

Trabzon Technology Development Region Manager A.Sh 
University Quarter Hospital Street No: 19/B 61081 
Ortahisar / Trabzon

info@trabzonteknokent.com.tr 0462 328 10 00
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