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Authorized Person : Mustafa Zihni SERDAR
Email : mzserdar@datakent.com
Web Site : www.datakent.com
Address : Trabzon Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi Yönetici A.Ş Üniversite Mahallesi Hastane Caddesi No: 19/B 61081 Ortahisar / Trabzon

Our company established in 2012 and continues its activities in Trabzon Teknokent with 2 owners. Our completed and ongoing project topics are briefly;

1-            Electronically Document Management System

2-            Mobile and web platforms of all kinds of commercial enterprises selling hot and cold management of business processes (Webisyon Phase 1-2) and marketplaces platform independent software that can provide integrations,

3-            EU supported ICME and continued support AB-LITOUTER In EU-DOORS projects; Web-based software models for raising awareness about hydrodynamic distribution of litter and suspended matters in the Blacksea

4-            A secure, dynamic web-based software study that creates business processes from the electronic environment, reduces the density and minimizes errors, with the Registry Appointment System (SIRAS) software for commercial enterprises carried out by the Trade Registry Offices.

5-            Project Management System (PMS) software (Patent No: 2017/63918). service, infrastructure companies that have work areas such as repair, construction, etc. It is a web and mobile-based software supported by e-sign and developed for planning projects from the beginning, arranging workflows and making evaluations and inspections related to them.

6-            With the Event Management System (EYOS), for all kinds of meetings; It is a software with a security environment where participants, speakers and related processes can be monitored, hall allocations can be made, and it is a software that provides statistics about meetings and complies with the KVKK law.

Trabzon Technology Development Region Manager A.Sh 
University Quarter Hospital Street No: 19/B 61081 
Ortahisar / Trabzon

info@trabzonteknokent.com.tr 0462 328 10 00
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