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Our company is in the excitement of marketing its own developed products. Our company, which was established in 2014, has developed 3 valuable chemicals so far and is ready for sale. The products we develop are products that are used in the fields of Chemistry, Health Sciences and Biotechnology. 

The first product we developed is the dye used in DNA imaging and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) devices. Ethidium bromide, two of the substances used for staining Sybr green. Ethidium bromide is the most used dye. Because it dissolves in water and is easy to use. But it is a very carcinogenic substance. Even breathing is dangerous. Sybr green, on the other hand, is a dye that is difficult to dye and is insoluble in water, soluble in DMSO. It is not preferred because it is very expensive and difficult to paint. The paint we developed is a safe paint.

Our second product is fingerprint detection paint on non-porous surfaces used in safety. This study was carried out in cooperation with the police officers in charge of crime scene investigation of Trabzon Police Department. Body traces were observed in visible and fluorescent light as a result of staining the body traces developed after the Super Glu method applied on non-porous surfaces with the solution prepared with our dyestuff. This dyestuff can be used instead of Rhodamime 6G and Ardrox dyestuffs. Rhodamine 6G method is carcinogenic, should not be inhaled and should not come into contact with the skin. Edema in the lungs, eyes, throat and nose, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract together with the effects of red urination effects may appear.

The Ardrox method has nervous effects on the central nervous system and respiratory system. It causes redness and flaking on the skin. Loss of consciousness, convulsions, respiratory arrest effects have been observed when taken in high doses. There have been many cases of sudden death when inhaled into the nose.

The Ninhydrin method applied to porous surfaces and the superglu method applied to non-porous surfaces are the most used methods in Fingerprint Development Laboratory, which are sensitive to old traces.

Our paint is still a safe paint. Analyzes were made. Another feature of the paint we have developed is that body traces can be observed both in visible light and fluorescent light.

Our third product is an alternative acid-base indicator to litmus paper, which is a widely used acid-base indicator in laboratories. Litmus paper is one of the acid-base reagents used in chemistry. It is used to distinguish between acids and bases in solutions. Litmus turns red when it comes in contact with acid and blue when it comes in contact with a base. In the acid-base indicator developed by our company, yellow with acid solution and orange with base solution are obtained by dipping into acid and base solutions.

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